Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Living Simply

Happiness to me comes from my kid running through the yard excited about the dandelions, or my husband appreciating the meal I just put on the table. It has never come from the things I can buy at the store. Don't get me wrong a good deal is a good thing and it does bring some temporary joy, but consumerism has never been where the heart is for me.
I have been making a conscious effort in the last few years with the hard financial times we have had to make home a soft place to land, instead of just a place we live. I think that the decluttering of our home has lead to a greater peace for our family. Creating family rhythms and rituals have slowed down the pace of our lives, and given us a chance to really enjoy each other's company. This has been more important to me than anything that I could ever purchase.
I have been rather ruthless when getting rid of stuff in our home. If I cannot find an immediate use or repurpose for it, then whatever it is leaves to donation or the trash. If I decide we need a new item for the home, I try to research it and wait a week before buying it. Often at the end of that week I have determined we really don't need it. As the items leave our home to bless Goodwill I do not miss them. For me letting go of all these things is freeing, and calming and helps me create the environment that I am happy to bring my child up in.
Does simple living help find peace in your home?

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  1. Absolutely. Your story sounds like a bizarre carbon copy of mine! De cluttering was life altering. When we moved, we just tossed/donated everything that we didn't have a use for. And found that moving the remaining into a larger house gave us so much freedom! But my house is still not perfect. I still have a messy kitchen if only because it is in constant use. And there is always bits of yarn and unfinished knitting sitting about. But these things bring comfort instead.