Monday, November 22, 2010

Mission Mondays - Organization

Well this week I thought I would make a bit of organization my mission. This may have to be a two week venture with the holiday weekend derailing part of this week. Therefore I am going to try two organizational projects and hopefully my ambition won't shoot me in the foot.
First project, I have been trying for some time to get my pantry and grocery lists organized, to no avail. What I was trying for was a system where I would have a master grocery list and then I could just determine what we did not have in the house and that would tell me what to buy.
I just never seem to have the time, so this week I am going to try and make time.
The other organizational mission I have is the homeschooling supplies and manipulatives need an organized place in our home. I decided to homeschool my daughter this year and like many new homeschoolers I have been picking up things here and there for our homeschool. Unfortunately I did not appropriately visualize where this stuff was supposed to live in my home, and I am worried, especially since I am buying a few years ahead if I find a good deal that by the time she gets to the first grade, I will have forgotten I have something because it was not appropriately organized. My hope is to organize all of it in bins or baskets on a large bookshelf.

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