Monday, November 15, 2010

Mission Mondays

I thought I would try something new and add Mission Mondays to this blog. I have a tendency to get up on Monday and think this week I will get more done, I will stick to my schedule more, whatever it may be, and then by Wednesday, I forgot what I was trying to do differently.
Maybe if I put it in writing the plan to motivate change will work better.
This week I am working on me time. I realized the other day that I am taking NO time for myself. This is not good for my family or for my happiness so it has to stop. I am planning to spend 15 minutes a day doing something I want to do, just taking a breath or having a hot cup of tea, or writing this blog. It is not much, but you have to start somewhere. Also if I plan a longer time it just won't happen, so baby steps it is.
I think a lot of women are really good at taking care of everyone but themselves. It seems to be a part of the caregiver nature most of us have. But we can't take care of everyone else when we are run down and tired, so hopefully I can change that cycle a bit in my own home.

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