Monday, January 17, 2011

Catch up

Our whole house has been sick for most of the last month and it has really thrown our schedules, and my time available to write this blog out of whack. I am really grateful for the flexibility of homeschool right now, as I was able to do some light school work with my daughter when we were both feeling up to it, but when we truly both just needed a break I could put off school till until we are better.
I did purchase a new Bible with a gift card that I got for Christmas, and I am keeping up with my daily reading. I really like the version I got. Here is a link
It is the Life Application study Bible in NIV translation. It includes lots of study notes, bios of characters, and lots of other study tools. As the name implies it has Life Application notes to help one understand how you can apply what you just read to your everyday life.
On other topics, my daughter seems to be going through a word explosion, and watching her ability to communicate growing in leaps and bounds is really heartening. We still sometimes have the temper tantrums when she just can't find the words, but hopefully those will subside soon enough.
My husband has a new job and we are really excited about the opportunities this may bring to our family. He was looking for a long time but the job market is just horrid, so we are lucky he that he was able to find this job, and that he had steady work at the other job till this came available.
I guess overall things are going pretty well here, and I feel like we are moving in the right direction.

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