Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Goals

I have read time and again that it takes at least 21 days to establish a new routine and that if you can attempt to stay with something for 21 days that you are more likely to succeed at making it a habit. Breaking bad habits is also never easy, and is reported to take at least the same amount of time. I do not like New Year's Resolutions as I have never been able to keep them, or keep them to my expectations, and I have never met anyone who actually has. The times in my life where I have made the vast changes that people usually aspire to with the New Year have coincided only with a true desire to change. I once lost quite a bit of weight and it was not easy, but I followed a plan and it worked. I now have weight to lose again, as I let myself gain too much with the pregnancy with my child and well that weight does not just melt off with the joy of a new baby. However, I also think that it is important to sit down and take stock of your life and what you want to change or start new, or you can get in a rut. The New Year is as good a time a any to do that, I just hesitate to call anything a resolution, as I worry that sets me up to fail.
So what are the goals I would like to set this year? I would like to eat healthier, be less in debt, lose weight, and have read the Bible all the way through by this time next year.
I have a plan for the Bible reading, I just have to stick to it, the other things will be harder.
Eating healthier in a family where your husband and child turn up their noses at lots of vegetables and you have a restricted food budget is not the easiest thing in the world. I have created some sneaky food recipes that help, and if I can get 10 or so more of them in the menu rotation I feel as though we will be moving toward a healthier family.
Decreasing debt takes money we don't have to spare right now... so this part of the goal will have to come from new income sources of some sort. I have been thinking of working toward selling some hand made goods at fairs and local venues. It would be a venture I could work on and still do my primary jobs of wife, mother and homeschool teacher. Also we just in general have to much stuff so maybe some of that can turn a profit on Ebay or the like.
Losing weight will take time and determination, but I am lucky that my husband wants this to be one of his goals too. When I lost 60 pounds in the past I started on my own and did well for a while and then had to join Weight Watchers to get the last 15 pounds off. I liked the WW program but again that is just not in the budget. Luckily the ideas behind it are not hard to implement. Restrict portions sizes to a reasonable amount, be moderate in eating, exercise regularly, drink lots of water.
Hopefully these goals are attainable, and reachable. Here goes the hard work of creating new habits!

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