Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Menu Plan

This is for 9 days as I am hoping to space out my shopping trips more. I don't assign days to the meals, just try and go through all the options in the given days.

Cold Cereal and fruit x 5
Pineapple Pecan whole wheat muffins x2
Banana Pancakes with homemade applesauce and scrambled eggs 
Eggs with Ham and Cheese with biscuits
Drinks- Coffee, OJ, Milk 


Leftovers x 5 
Tuna cakes, applesauce 
Quick home made mac and cheese with carrots 
Salsa eggs in a whole wheat tortilla 
Sandwiches and bananas

Hamburger steak with gravy, mashed potatoes (with sneaky cauliflower), peas
Roasted chicken, lima beans and corn, green beans (Bonus- chicken broth made in crock pot over night to freeze) 
Meatloaf with hidden carrots, sweet potatoes 
Chicken (from the whole roast chicken) enchilada casserole with orange bell peppers and onion mixed in
Chicken (from the whole roast chicken) pot pie
Black bean soup with rolls 
Baked ravioli with hidden veggies in the sauce 
Seared blackened tilapia, with lima beans and rice 
Catfish nuggets with black eyed peas and homemade fries

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  1. I love how you hide the veggies in your meatloaf!

  2. Thanks! It is hard to get veggies into my child and husband... so I hide them. My husband at least knows they are there, but he likes it anyway :)